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Root [AT&T] AT&T GT-N7105 With Liquid Smooth 3.0 (GAPPS 4.4.4. zip problems)


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Mar 10, 2011
In Cell Phone SIMetery
My t.e.d.6 (aka Galaxy Note 2 (I317, GT-N7105) has LiquidSmooth LS-KK-v3.1-2014-06-08 installed. Everything works fine but I cant locate a decent gapps 4.4.4 zip file. Everything I've found so far , I get a bad file error message when I try to unzip and install at recover mode boot up.

The rom suggests not to use any apps older than gapps 4.4.4 but I have reinstalled my earlier apps and these work fine. however, I want to avoid any potential problems later.

Can anyone post a link to a decent download to get Google apps 4.4.4 versions ?
Ahhhh! so thats what all those AndroidForums Ulgrade messages were all about!!!! Nice! Will have to do a virtual walk-thru!

Thanks @Tuber. When I said "unzipped" its the install process executed on the device when in flash mode. not a manual 'unzipping'. When the rom has been flashed and the process begin installing the gapps zipped files, errors occured stating that it encountered a "bad zipped file".

But I have since then updated the rom to the following and the latest gapps zip file
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tube517 said:
Ah ok. So, did you reflash both successfully? I didn't know you had a Note 2 but I haven't been on AF in a long time lol
Happy to report that the second version 3.2 flashed perfectly and the gapps file for 4.4.4 loaded without a prob. But I am noticing my camera app seem to drop as if its incompatible. Luckily i have a protected backup copy of a version of the camera apk that works.

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Yeah, the cameras are funny in the AOSP ROMs. I'm using the Google Camera from the playstore instead of the camera that came w/the ROM. I'm on Dirty Unicorn v8.2 (Kitkat 4.4.4)
I will have to give that camera a try. It must be the 4.4.4 and stock cam incompatibility. I had luckily saved a protected backup of the stock apk that seem to work, but i hate knowing anyday it might crap-out and im stuck with no cam/recorder app. Can you post the google cam link from the store?
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