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Root [AT&T] rooting s4 4.4.2

Hi what program should I use to root my Samsung s4 4.4.2?
Please put in the link to the rooting site

'towel root' worked like a charm for me. You can also try 'kingo'. What is your carrier and baseband number? you can find the baseband in 'about phone' in settings...Btw, mine is (Cricket/Aio) / I337ZTUUBND3. The more you know about your specific model the better. And I'm not sure if I am allowed to post external links, so I will leave it to you to google what I have mentioned.

Another helpful piece of info to know is your S4 codename to know what ROMs are compatible with your model...mine is 'jflteaio'. You can find this info by downloading a 'terminal' app from the play store...Another FYI, I am successfully running Pacman-Rom and it rocks!

PM me if you need additional info :)

Good luck to you!

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