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Atrix 4G will only charge via usb


Jul 9, 2013
So, I've had my atrix for pretty much 2 years. I have had some problems with it, but they wete easy to fix. This one I cant figure out. Just yesterday, it h as been.... lets say... rejecting any form of wall charger or wall mount. However I can take the same usb and plug it into my ps3, xbox, computer, etc. And it charges just fine. This doesnt bother me mich, but I'm not always going to be around something like that when my phone needs to be charged. Does anyone have any solutions?
Are you still on the stock battery? If so, try a replacement battery and see if that helps. It sounds like it has something to do with the on board voltage regulator that allows the phone to receive a standard charge. Most USB ports, from what I've read, produce not even half of what the wall charge voltage does.
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