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Help Atrix doing strange things


Aug 14, 2011
I've had my atrix for almost two months and recently my phone started acting strange. For one thing sometimes my phone doesn't give me a notification if i get a text, the LED doesn't even blink. Another thing is that the keyboard forcloses on me normally while texting, and sometimes my texts dont' go through to the other person. At first i thought it was "GO SMS PRO" but i uninstalled and still having the same problems using the stock texting app. Other then that my phone seems to be fine. I don't know what i should do since im over my 30 day warranty from AT&T. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
1. go to your 'settings' then 'display' then notification led, make sure that is checked.

2. do u reboot or turn off your phone every once in a while? while i think motorola suggests turning it on and off everyday is a bit excessive, every once in a while you should turn it off at night or something and turn it back on in the morning
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i did turn on the notification light, it was always on. And i turn the phone on and off every 100 hours of use or so. The notification icon seems to go away when i press the lock/unlock screen sometimes as well.
then i can only say it must be one of your applications messing with it. i forgot what app it was i previously had it installed and i too had the same problem as you. so i uninstalled it.

maybe check to see what app has an notification led option and that might be the culprit..
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