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Help Atrix not reading SIM card


Feb 21, 2012
My Atrix cannot seem to recognize my SIM card no matter what I try to do. I've taken it out and tried to reboot, and I think I might have ruined the pins on it. Anyway to check if the connectors work? I took it to my local phone repair shop, and they to me to flash my radio to .36P. I tried flashing my radio to .36P, and it's still not recognizing it. I'm running it on Straight Talk, which is an AT&T MVNO, so I shouldn't need to unlock it. I get no signal with it. Any ideas? I leave for DC tomorrow and need a phone to use. I recently dropped it, so it may have knocked around some stuff inside.
EDIT: I've flashed it to 100R now, and I can get a signal now, but it says emergency calls only now.


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