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Help [ATT] App that allows me to turn off 4g?

You mean you just want to turn off mobile data?

Pull down notifications with two fingers. Click on your mobile providers name. Turn off mobile data
No, I still want to be able to receive calls but rather it just go to 2g/3g or what ever it would default to...4g wastes more battery when not using it and on top of that I don't have very good 4g service at my house, like 2 bars max
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Turning off mobile data only effects data. You can still receive/make calls/texts with mobile data off.

Under Mobile Networks settings you can check "use only 2g"
Interesting, not sure if that is true 2g as when I turn off mobile data, the amount of bars I have don't change

And there is no where in mobile settings where I can select "use only 2g"

I think this is ATT being too smart for themselves...There was this issue on the iphone 4s
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