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Help Audio issues when watching some flash videos


Sep 11, 2011
Hi folks

Been trawling Google for 48 hours trying to find a solution to no avail!

Basically Ive noticed when watching some videos on Youtube and Sky Sports News App that the audio kind of fluctuates and sometimes goes tinny but the picture remains perfect. Imagine listening to a stereo and then every second turning the volume down and back up real quick well thats how it sounds.

Ive not had his problem when playing mp3's, games, movies on the SD card etc only on a very few youtube videos and website videos. It's not my connection because im using a 20MB WiFi connection virtually next to the router.

What I have noticed is that on the videos where it doesnt do it all the way through, it does fluctuate at EXACTLY the same points every time. My flash is all up to date by the way and the phone has not been rooted :)

Hope somebody else has experienced the same thing!! If not maybe I can link you to an example to see if it does it on yours!?

P.S The majority of vids are fine just a couple that seem throw up this problem!



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