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AUS KF4 avalible via vodafone


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Apr 18, 2011
its great and all but i have a small dilemma with it.
my phones battery is officially faulty hence my poor life with it, so its in the shop getting replaced and tested as we speak. (for those with poor life i highly recommend take it to a samsung store and ask them to check the voltage. so simple thing for peace of mind)

So ill get it back shortly where it is currently on KF2 firmware. I am over keen to update to the new firmware straight up, but haven't had a good run on KF2 with a competent battery? so i wont really know any difference.

should i =
A) stay on KF2 and test some more first before swapping
B) cut the crap and put KF4 straight on


(p.s. its claim is to fix web browsing FYI)
I installed KF4 on mine yesterday through the phone>settings>update function. Did the whole thing in about 5 minutes. I haven't really seen any changes at the moment but the battery might be a little better. Web browsing is supposed to be better but I didn't know of any issue with that.

I did also notice that AP news app was hogging lots of power, even though I don't use it, so I uninstalled it. I guess we will know in a few days.
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