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Help Automated Voicemail Greeting Option


Nov 26, 2009
Not sure if anyone else was having this issue, but if you want to get the old automated robot voicemail greeting instead of a recorded greeting, go ahead and record your main greeting and then go back into your voicemail settings and delete the greeting. It will revert to an automated greeting. Also, to get it to say your number instead of your recorded name, go into personal option under the voicemail settings and delete your recorded name, and it'll revert to just saying your number in the automated voicemail greeting.

This had been bugging me ever since I got the phone since I hated recording a greeting myself and for the life of me I could not find the option for an automated greeting. Anyways, hope that helped.
Awesome! My recorded greeting was awful. I wasn't prepared, as I kept on expecting the prompt to say, "or, you can use a system greeting." Then, when I was done recording the greeting, my screen had gone black and I had to wait for a few seconds before it came back on so I could hit the # key. So, there was a long delay in both the beginning and the end. Thanks to your tip, I'm back to normal.
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