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Help Autoscrolling issues even when not plugged in


I've had my Eris for almost a year now. Like most of you, it was great until the upgrade to 2.1. Since then, I've been disappointed but it's been managable. However recently, it's gotten worse. I too am experiencing the autoscrolling issue when my phone is plugged in. I really don't have the time to go and haggle in a Verizon store about it, so I've just been dealing with it and not trying to do anything while my phone is plugged in.

Now, it's autoscrolling even when it's NOT plugged in. Half the time I can't type because it scrolls back, and I end up typing things backwards. I can't open apps because it automatically will select things or scroll to the farthest left screen. What gives?

Also, my texting has been freezing and force closing a lot lately. I will repeatedly close and reopen Messaging, but I still cannot send a text. I've also had a problem with other people not receiving texts that my phone says have been sent.

I also recently got a message that my phone internal storage is reaching capacity. I don't have many apps installed, but I went though and cleaned up anyway. I'm guessing one culprit is my texts, because I've deleted very few of any texts I've sent for the life of the phone. I have tried going in and deleting one thread (the largest one, I figured it would be the quickest fix: it's over 2,000 messages), but it just causes my phone to freeze and won't delete it.

Any help for any of these issues?
In the market there is an app Delete Old Messages, get and use that to delete your messages. With as many as you've got you should plan on starting this before you go to bed and let it do it's job while you're not wanting to use the phone. It WILL take a long time for it to work.

For the scrolling, I suspect you're looking at getting a refurb from Verizon. Though before they give you one they're going to insist on doing a factory reset, so you might want to consider doing one yourself to see if it fixes the problem (I wouldn't expect it to).
Make sure you've backed up everything that's important to you before you do the factory reset because everything on your phone WILL be deleted. Items on the SD card will not be effected.

Keep in mind that there is a one year warranty on the phone, if you're going to go to Verizon for a swap you'll want to make sure you do it before the year is up. After that I'm afraid all they'll do is say 'sorry about your luck' - or words to that effect.
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[edit] mhotovec and I were posting at the same time, I guess, but I'll leave the duplicate info anyway. [/edit]

My guess is that the autoscrolling issue (which is a trackball issue) is not user-fixable - you probably need a replacement. Call tech support and they should ship you a replacement (a refurbished unit, but what are you going to do?)

For deleting texts, I believe that if you wait it out, it will eventually finish, but I use an app called "Delete Old Messages": Delete old messages - Android app on AppBrain

It's free, and it can delete anything older than a month, etc. As you can see from the page, deleting can be slow. I also use an app called SMS Backup+, which copies all messages sent and received as they are received to a label in my Gmail account; in the settings you can have them marked as read. This can be your sms archive, rather than saving everything. SMS Backup+ - Android app on AppBrain

Finally, there is also an app called SMS Backup & Restore, which can do just what the name describes. But it has a button "delete messages" if you just want to delete them all in one shot and start from scratch. SMS Backup & Restore - Android app on AppBrain
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My eris started the auto scrolling thing a while back, and i just fought it until it got so bad i couldn't input anything without it writing backwards. You will have to exchange it. When I took it in they didn't even wait to see it happen in store (as they have with most other issues I've ever had to take a phone in for). They just acknowledged it as a known problem and gave me a refurb. In talking it over with a very reasonable rep he said he would upgrade me to an Incredible after I went thru two refurb eris's. I'm pretty sure I won't have to wait long for that to happen...
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My Eris is suffering from this darn scrolling issue, too. Still feeling uneasy about getting a refurb though, it could be worse than what I have now :( But I guess I have to bite the bullet sooner or later...

Question for Doogald:
Does the SMS backup app back up old existing messages, too or just new ones after the app is installed?
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Question for Doogald:
Does the SMS backup app back up old existing messages, too or just new ones after the app is installed?

It backs up your whole message store as it exists on the Eris. It has a schedule component that runs it at x time every day (your choice), every y hours (again, your choice; you can set it to 24, for example), and keep z days of backup history.

It's free as well.
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