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Root Back from a bootloop


Android Enthusiast
Aug 25, 2012
so, as i mentioned earlier..i tried to push a stock recovery that i think i botched somehow..keeping me from accessing recovery and not being able to fix or boot into anything.
all button press combos werent cutting it, except one...
pull out battery
pop it back in
press vol down and insert usb cable from comp to phone
then device would turn on, and stay in huawei logo..and windows recognized it only as Android sooner single adb interface.
so from there i went to google..and found this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=29820158&postcount=10

from that post i followed directions and downloaded this Index of / :: ADB Toolkit File Repository :: Compatible With Almost All Mobile Devices :: adbtoolkit.com :: Android :: Windows :: Blackberry :: Mobile Driverpacks :: Rooting :: Recovery :: Flashing :: Apps :: evasi0n :: redsn0w :: sn0wbreeze :: Jailb

i then opened the zip, swapped out the recovery image from there with our version of cwm (recovery.img) in oudhs recovery folder.

it wouldnt install the recovery after pressing enter..so i went to update the drivers in windows and used www.shabbypenguin.com/OUDstuff/Tools/UniversalAdbDriverSetup6.msi
i nstalled the drivers via this guide FuriousGold


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