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Help Back to Stock Messaging... Ugh!!! I miss Handcent. Help?!!!


Apr 20, 2010
Hey guys and gals, I'm so frustrated with MMS. I can't get them to send using Handcent or ChompSMS without numerous forwarding attempts. I can receive them immediately with no problems from other people...even on differenct carriers, but they won't send. I finally got my SMS to stop crashing/force closing and deleting all my messages by uninstalling the Antivirus app. Im on day two (since the uninstall) without a force close. :p I had no problem sending MMS until I installed Handcent. I even uninstalled Handcent. Rebooted and re-installed. No outgoing MMS without 2 or 3 message forwards. I tried the Airplane Mode trick. No change. After uninstallling Handcent again, I chose ChompSMS to see if that works. Same thing...it's a no go for sending out. Somebody help!!!! The stock messaging app is the only one that works, but it's so BORING!!!! :(
I uninstalled the Antivirus app and it fixed the force closing and thread deletions, but I still can't get outgoing MMS to work. I'm going to stop by the Corp store on my way home to see a techie, but I know all they're going to want to do is a hard reset. It really seems like a software/network issue rather than a hardware issue that requires new equipment... I hope they can resolve this issue. I'm on day 30... :eek:
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I too had difficulties with MMS on Handcent and had to revert to the stock Messaging app. I do not use an antivirus, but I do use Mobile Defense. I am happy w/ the stock Messaging app, but I do miss some of the Handcent features. For me though, it is function over fashion and until Handcent works seamlessly I will stay with stock.
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