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Back Up Gmail Contacts from Android 1.5


May 13, 2010
Sorry ahead of time for the long post. Here's the deal. My wife got the update, but hasn't installed it yet, because she forgot her Gmail password which all of her contacts are synced through. We tried reseting it, but because the Verizion rep set up her account on her phone, he didn't set up a recovery email or secret question. We've tried to get Google to reset it, but it's been over a week, and they are still giving us the runaround.

Does anyone know an app or some other way to export Gmail contacts on the Eris in 1.5 preferably to .csv format? Even if we could just save them to the phone instead of using Gmail, that would be a start. We really don't want to have to reenter all of them by hand.

You can try 'export contacts' from the market. It is free and seems to work for google contacts. Friend tried on his phone with 'phone' contacts and he encountered some problems. You can also try 'contacts sync', haven't tried that one myself just heard others using it. You can also try 'lookout mobile security'. This one backs up your contacts as well as scan downloads for viruses. It can also help you find a misplaced phone. Good luck in whatever you try.
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