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Help Background apps stop responding when running satnav app


Apr 14, 2010
Hi again!

I am wondering if someone has an idea how to avoid app timeouts when running a satnav app on the i7500. The phone normally works relatively well, but the second my girlfriend uses a satnav app, it doesn't take long for the first 'App doesn't respond' dialogue to appear. They then pop-up every few seconds, always asking me if I want to FC them or if I want to wait...

Apps crashing (or should I say stalling) are normally the Google background apps, beautiful widgets, handscent...so everything that normally runs in the background. I guess the satnav might take up so much resources that the other one simply can't run fast enough in the background anymore and therefore time out, hence the box comes up. Interesting btw. - even though the boxes block the screen, the satnav continues to run as normal, so we can still hear voice directions...and the second I click e.g. on Wait, the box disappears and everything is normal (until the next box appears).

Is there any way to solve the issue - I am fine to either disable the box appearing or is there maybe some other tweak I should give a try to avoid app timeouts in first place?




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