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Root Backing up With Titanium

I down loaded the free titanium backup after I rooted the phone. I went in and backed up all the programs and apps, they all have a blue check beside them with the exception of 3 or 4 and they have an M over them. Which I am assuming means I got them from the market. When I try to uninstall a program it says that it isnt backed up?? I thought that is what the blue check meant that they were backed up !!! Help, I am lost ant dont want to screw my phone up!:thinking::eek:
I cant figure out how to remove or backup anything?? It says everything is backed up but when I try to remove it, it says that function is not backed up

I'm guessing you are trying to remove bloatware. It is giving you that because the application isn't backed up and won't be (I'm not sure why but it won't back it up). It took me a while to figure that out too. If you're on Metro the Metro App store has those so that you can re-install the app if you need to go back to stock for some reason. I'm don't know about Cricket.

I hope this helps. If not let me know.

P.S. If you are looking for increased performance you might want to consider flashing to Icarus and there is a whole thread about that.

Enjoy your Ascend.:D
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first, after opening titu did you click the PROBLEM button to download the latest busybox, and make sure you have usb debugging on. And if you are removing apps instead of freezing them, make sure you tap WIPE DATA first than hit uninstall.

but after you check everything, usb debugging and downloading busybox, open titu and click Backup/Restore tab, hit Menu and tap Batch Click Run on Backup all user apps+system data, it might take about 5 minutes or so depending on all the stuff on there. After that has finish plug you phone to the computer via usb and select mount in the notification bar. Scroll down and you will see a folder TitaniumBackup1 open it and make sure you see all your backups in there. Now just copy that folder to your computer and keep it in a safe place....now unmount the phone from the computer after you finish moving the folder and you can delete all the bloatware thats on there...BE CAREFUL AND NOT DELETE ANYYTHING GOOGLE...and remember before you tap uninstall tap Wipe Data first.

Safe to delete: ON MetroPCS

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Easy Wifi
metro appstore
Nothing thats by google

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