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huawei ascend

  1. H

    Help Galileo gnss integration

    Just a quick thought does the Ascend 7g or any of the new line of Huawei have Galileo integration as the system has gone live recently? Also thought I'd add a cool animation as it inspired the thought.. https://www.instagram.com/p/BOCptKUhkJS/
  2. S

    my phone just keeps restarting

    hy everyone. i m having a real big problem with my phone huawei ascend G10-U20.it was working all right and then i found it with dead battery.since i put it up for charging it keeps on shutting on and off.i have tried removing sim cards and sd card.i have tried rebooting but no use.it just keeps...
  3. MariaGr1

    Huawei Ascend G610-U20

    So a while back i tried to flash it to make it better cause it lagged like hell.Little did i know that it would betray me completely.As i said i tried to flash it,and after two tries with no result sudenly the screen goes dark.No logo no nothing complete darkness.So i'm thinking here.Is it the...
  4. Rc7

    Phone Back pannel

    My Huawei's glass back panel has started to come of recently, I was in an extremely hot school class next to the radiator, when i got home that day i found that on the camera corner the glass had started to peel of (the glue had melted) Is there anything i should/can do to fix it or should I...
  5. T

    Huawei bootloop

    Hey....I have a huawei y300-0151...I rooted it using kingroot...the root was successful. I installed a font pack and it asked to reboot the phone to complete installation... From i did that the phone hasn't booted up....its stuck on the huawei logo...can I get help please...thanks in advance
  6. Nicholas The Fox

    Help I want to upgrade the Huawei Ascend M860 to Android 5.1

    I've been wanting to update my device, as it has Android 2.3, not letting me get to the play store, but limits me to the Android market (which is now outdated.) Anyone know how I can do this?
  7. berooo

    how to install firmware on huawei ascend g700

    Hello, My phone is died :/ how i can install original firmware? Thanks!
  8. P

    Huawei Ascend G7 battery won't charge

    Hello, I have a Huawei Ascend G7 which I bought brand new about two months ago. It ran out of battery yesterday and I have charged it over night but it doesn't appear to be charging. I have tried several chargers with no success and taken it to a phone repair shop who says the port looks fine...
  9. L

    Phone won't come on!!

    Please help my Huawei phone wont come on and the battery does not come out..please help
  10. Ashleigh101

    Help, My Huawei Ascend y550?????

    I need help, i have had my Huawei Ascend y550 just over 1 year, and it has been working find, but recently been slower then it has been normally. Today, i as onmy phone like normal, i locked my phone like normal and then when i turned it back on, none of my apps or anything was working so, i...
  11. Manoj210891

    Help Huawei Ascend G615 Firmware

    Huawei Ascend G615 Original Firmware Pre Requisites: Before proceeding to update. we recommend to backup all your device data and settings to restore later when you need that. However, official firmware restore all previous data but if your device get stuck at bootloop issue or fall into any...
  12. I

    Help How to flash my G610 if it keeps rebooting

    Hello, my Huawei G610-U20 keeps rebooting after the Huawei logo. I already tried to wipe chache and factory reset, but it can't even complete them. I'm trying now with SP Flash Tool, but when I start the download and boot up the phone, it keeps rebooting interrupting the process. I tried...
  13. The Leader

    Help Huawei Ascend G7 often restarts automatically

    My phone often restarts itself. I don't know what causes that. Whether browsing the internet, making a call or simply navigating the phone. It even restarts without using or touching it sometimes. it often hang for about 5 seconds and automatically restarts. I did a factory reset but it didn't...
  14. M

    Help Browser Crash...

    1. HUAWEI ASCEND Y530-U00V100R001C900B189 2. Android version 4.3 3. Phone is rooted. Not quite sure with which app, i tried almost all of them and forgot which one worked... I think it's kingroot, i have a superuser app with the white lion in a blue shield, if that means anything ... This...
  15. Liz2012

    Help Huawei Y550, Android 4.4.4 - cannot unmute

    Today my phone has decided to go on mute and I cannot find any way of un-muting it. If I make or receive a call, then the "mute" microphone icon appears (microphone crossed out). If I press the icon, it ignores me. This means that I can make and receive calls, but no-one can hear me...
  16. G

    Playing music only thru aux (headphones)

    Hello, I own a Ascend G7 with 4.4.4. I have this setup: - I use the phone connected to a BlueTooth headset device (A2DP compatible) - I use "Waze" as GPS Navigation app. - I connect the phone thru AUX to my car's stereo This is what I'm trying to archive: - I would like to stream / play the...
  17. V

    Help Huawei Ascend Y200 snapchat

    Well at first when i got the phone it had like a newer version of huawei after a year a dude blocked it and i had to hard reset it aka updatin the firmware.. so... after updating it, the phone looked more different, there were less options and stuff.. and before i could download snapchat and now...
  18. K

    Help Low FM radio volume in headphones

    Hello, I have this great phone -Huawei ascend mate 7- only two days, but unfortunately, if I use FM radio the sound is very low compare to sound from mp3 player. Can I ask someone who has the same phone, is the max volume of the fm radio same as mp3 player or ist lower? Thank You.
  19. Chardaye Castel

    Huawei Ascend-help with pictures.

    Hey everyone. I'm at a loss for what to do. I've looked for answers but I haven't been able to find anything. My phone is a Huawei Ascend 2.3.6, and I have pictures on it that I want to transfer to my computer. But I can't access them directly from my computer when connected. I can't upload them...
  20. S

    Help Huawei Ascend Y530 dialling error

    I own an Ascend Y530. Today, I was half-way through dialling a friend's number (A) when an incoming call (B) over-rode the attempted outgoing call. Since then, whenever I try to dial my friend's phone number (A), the phone number of (B) over-rides it and the call goes to (B) instead of (A). Any...
  21. H

    Help Ascend G7 bluetooth 4.0 pairing

    Hi all, Newb to forum. Just bought the Ascend G7, beautiful phone. But I cant seem to pair it to my cars built in bluetooth set. I'm trying to find info on bluetooth 4.0, pairing info etc. with the latest bluetooth version vs an older one (like 1.5 or 2.0) or if there are any apps on playstore...
  22. minxypixie

    Help Huawei ringtone Terminated

    Hi there everyone, I have spent the last couple hours lookIng for the ringtone called Terminated. and the text tone Heaven but i found that on here so half the battle is won lol. Just bought the Huawei Ascend G620S, it's one very sexy phone, unfortunitly my fav tones are not on it. If someone...
  23. Hanna Salisbury

    Contact list crashes

    I've bought my Huawei Ascend Y530 a couple of months ago. Lately it says that "The register (contact list..?) unfortunately stopped working". Anybody else got the same problem? How should I fix it? Should I refresh my whole phone?
  24. kepler777

    Huawei wifi not working

    Good evening, In a friend's Huawei G510 100, the wifi stopped working- from day to night :( Not even one network appears - and the wifi switch turns off after a few seconds of attempting to detect something. We already tryed an hard reset, and the reset to the factory settings, whiping data...
  25. M

    Help copying on SD card

    I got a big problem. I use android file manager to copy some files to my extern SD card in my huawei. But It won't work. When I put the sd card directly in my Imac it is possible to copy but when I put the card back in the huawei,I can't see the files I copied!!! What can be the problem? kIND...