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Help backup assist

probably a reread for some of you but I've looked around n can't find my answers.

On my old HTC I was able to create a backup of my phone in its current state in case I need recovery later on. I'm not figuring out how to open this menu as I know it's something done during turn on. what buttons am I to hold on the rezound?

also side question. is there a way to save texts to something like say the sdcard and then pull them back up after factory reset?

you're probably talking about making a nandroid? you can access recovery (assuming you are rooted and you've flashed a recovery - amon ra or cwm) by holding volume down and power at the same time.

for sms backup/recovery theres plenty like sms backup restore (stores to your google acct), mybackup, titanium, go backup - the latter three can be stored on sd through changing settings
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