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htc rezound

  1. I

    Help Cant update to 4.05.605.14 710RD

    I just got a "new" rezound as mine got water damaged and after setting up the new one and checking the software update it seems there is a 207 mb update that Im supposed to install (updates software from 3.14.605.14 to 4.05.605.14 710RD). Everytime I click on update it tries for a few minutes...
  2. S

    Advice on selling a rooted Rezound

    I am about to sell a rooted Rezound, probably on eBay (although suggestions for another venue are appreciated). It is S-on and running Tonked Rom. I plan to wipe it before selling to erase my data. What should I install to make it the most appealing, commercially? And if the answer is to get to...
  3. J

    Rezound GPS Antenna

    On the rezound, first where on the back cover is the GPS antenna and second has anyone tried improving it in anyway, such as changing the antenna material or adding to it or extending to the outside of the case? any thoughts or tips would be appreciated. thanks
  4. G

    Help replacement battery incompatibility issue.

    My wife just ordered a replacement battery for her rezound. At first glance it appears identical, but wouldn't seat in the battery compartment. I checked and noticed the tabs in the bottom corner are slightly different shapes. Upon further inspection, I see that the battery voltage is 3.7...
  5. T

    Root So is my new rezound a brick

    I got my Rezound last Sunday. This morning I unlocked it, flashed amon_ra recovery, rooted it, and flashed liquid smooth v3.2 onto it. The phone would not boot past the HTC screen. After a searching online for a while I realized the issues there is because it was still S-ON. So I tried the...
  6. bethnesbitt

    Root Editing /proc/emmc blocks

    Was wondering if it was actually possible to change the block maps information for the /proc/emmc. The reason why I'm asking is because I figured out how to partition the EBR1, merge the internal storage with the userdata and decrease my cache so that I could get a total of 3gb of userdata...
  7. D

    Root how to access memory in a tablet (Tablet freezes on the welcome screen)

    Hello, Uncle Google somehow did not really help me. I care more for accessing files and to being able to recover them than the system itself. My tablet is noname. My tablet is almost dead because I can still enter recovery mode Android (Andorid system recovery 3e), but there is nothing that...
  8. B

    Root Newbie - Just Rooted Rezound, Now What

    Seeing that I have 2 Rezounds still working great and both on Vz Unlimited Data, I decided to root and take advantage of Titanium Backup (done). So I now have this rooted phone that is outdated. I want to drag it along as far as possible before I go out of pocket on a new phone. So its...
  9. S

    Help Softkeys broke, need to backup contacts. (No Root)

    So on a relative's Rezound, their softkeys completely stopped working (which I see has become something of a common problem for the Rezound as of late). They made an insurance claim, and got a replacement Rezound. All is well with that phone. The problem is, that the contacts from the old...
  10. W

    Phone apparently soft booting

    Hi all, Been using an HTC Rez for over 2 years, and I've been mostly happy with it. I'll probably switch soon to something newer, but in the meantime, I've run into a strange problem. This started about a week ago, and the symptom is that the phone appears to be locked for a while, then all...
  11. R

    Root Stuck on HTC screen

    I have a Rezound that has been used for several years with no problems. All of the sudden it starts boot looping on the HTC white screen. I can get into the bootloader and fastboot but not into the recovery, which is Amon-ra. Current ROM is RezRom 1.6. Unlocked Vigor PVT SHIP S-on RL HBOOT -...
  12. P

    Help Prevent screen from turning black

    When I am on the phone (HTC Rezound/Verizon), the screen automatically turns black, almost immediately, so I have to keep hitting the power button on top so I can use the keyboard. How can I prevent this from happening?
  13. T

    Help Soft keys operate like touching bottom of screen

    Hi, everyone. On my HTC Rezound, the soft keys have inexplicably started functioning like touching the bottom of the screen instead of acting like soft keys. That is, when I have menus at the bottom of the screen, I can either touch them directly or touch the soft keys to select the menus, but...
  14. K

    Root New Global Rezound, Superuser issue??

    Hey everyone, this is my first post :). I have always found good info from here for years, this is the first time I haven't found my issue..:confused: I just received a "Global", brand new, rooted, s-off Rezound (vigor) with a locked boot loader. -has CDMA/LTE, GSM/UTMS, just CDMA, & Global...
  15. W

    Root rooted fine...tried to instal cyanogenmod and stuck on htc flashscreen

    Nevermind...got it fixed.
  16. T

    Root HBOOT & Radios Updates

    Hi Friends: I have my HTC Rezound with the following: PhoneROM: ConROMV6 Baseband version:, 0.95.1013r Build Number: 3.14.605.12 UNLOCKED VIGOR PVT SHIP S-OFF RL HBOOT-2.10.0000 Recovery: RA-VIGOR v.3.1.0-getitnowmarketing I would like to update my HTC Rezound...
  17. A

    Help Wont update or access google play

    Yesterday I got my phobe from Asurion. I put in my old SIM card and my SD card and turned it on. I went get my apps back from google play and after I logged in to my gmail the google play store Crashed and every time I open it it keeps saying server error and force closes. I tried updating...
  18. B

    Help htc rezound

    Is there a reliable code vendor around who can send me codes for my HTC trezound locked to Verizon . Thanks
  19. J

    Root RUU from hboot 2.28?

    Hello, I have been preparing to RUU back to 4.03.605.2 and want to be sure of process. I read REV3NT3CH's post on downgrading over at xda, so I downloaded the latest 2 PH89IMGs via his instructions and here's where I stand: S Off Hboot 2.28 Radio also running...
  20. J

    Root Back to Stock Rooted from Nils ICS Business Sense

    Hi all, I know this phone is getting pretty long in the tooth, but I hope there are still a few people hanging around. I've been using Nils ICS Business Sense 4 v2.11 for a while now, but I find it laggy and the camera crashes occasionally. I've tried wiping the cache and davlik cache...
  21. T

    Help can't set up native mail app without cell carrier?

    Someone gave me a Rezound with no Verizon plan active. I planned to just use it like a wi-fi-only mini-tablet, i.e., in wifi spaces only where I might browse web, check email, stream music etc. But the native mail app on the phone won't let me complete email account setup without a mobile...
  22. Snafuy

    Root unbloated ROM with old Maps 6 app?

    My dear old HTC Inc is gone. I now have a second hand Rezound. And I'm really Really REALLY disappointed with Maps 7 navigation. Any suggestions for a ROM with: * the old version of Maps / Navigation * Verizon bloatware removed Jelly Bean would be nice, but not mandatory. Sense vs Stock...
  23. D

    Help SSL error setting up Twitter for HTC Sense

    Hey all, So I finally decided to join the modern social world & have a Twitter account finally. I downloaded Twitter's app which works just fine. However, when I go to try and add an account for the Twitter for HTC Sense in accounts & sync I just get "SSL Is Required". To be specific, I...
  24. Phases

    Will the new Sandisk 128GB card work in the Rezound?

    Sure! We have a list of devices that will work fine with it, and the Rezound is on there! http://androidforums.com/android-accessories/832403-list-phones-work-128gb-microsdxc-card-sandisk.html#post6463025
  25. M

    Root Rezound won't boot

    Randomly one night my phone went on an infinite boot loop. I cleared the cache and data and re-installed my rom. Then I flashed my boot.img and rebooted and now my phone won't go past rom boot animation.