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Backup LG K4/K7 (2017) without Google

Hi ocnbrze,
Well, ideally I'd like to back up the system, incase I'm hacked, or screw it up, and have to reinstall it.
...... john
the only way to backup the entire system would be to root the device, install a custom recovery and make a nandroid backup. you can then copy the nandroid backup onto a sd card and even your computer.

not sure how LG's utility backup program works, but you can backup some data using it.

i found these links for you that might help:

again not everything will get backed up.
edit: never mind about the google stuff.....i forgot you said without google....sorry lol
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Hi ocnbrze,
No, I don't think I want to go the root/nandroid route.
I'm primarily interested in my settings and installations. of which there are only a couple. Anything other than that and I can go for factory restore (I believe).
I'll check out the LG backup.
Any other thoughts?
....... john
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