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Ballistic Cases for the HTC EVO 4G LTE


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Oct 22, 2009
Probably one of the best cases I had when I had my Evo was the Ballistic HC case. The protection + the built in screen was truly awesome. Well I sent Ballistic an email and even tweeted to them to see when the HC case might be available and any idea on colors.

So to my disbelief, they are only making the SG case. This is just the sides with corners for extra protection. No built in screen and I wa told only in black. Which is fine, but why not the HC case?

So who is getting a case and if so from which company. I know Otter Box is making the defender case. Right now unless Ballistic changes their mind and make an HC case, I may lean towards an Otter Box.
^^^ exactly how they will do it. Ballistic took months to release their top of the line case for the 3D after having it on pre order for months, then releasing a coupon for nearly half off the case to entice more to pre order. there was just no demand for the big case and finally a couple/few weeks ago they released the big case for the 3D.

i was about to get it until i saw sprint officially announce this handset, so i backed off.

i was a die hard ballistic fan with the original evo and bought all 3 hardcore cases for the evo! but covert is right, its just too much and over the top for daily use. i dont work in such demanding conditions so their soft case was and has been just fine for me. i need access to change the battery out quickly and un peeling all of those layers with the big case was just too much.

i will most likely get the soft case for this handset but that is it. and i feel its build quality is better then otterbox in my un professional opinion.
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Well I can see where it might be too bulky for some. I have a special place in my heart for the HC. One day we went to the store as we were getting ready for Disney World and I couldn't find my phone. We left as fast as we could as I thought it may have fell out of my pocket.

It turns out it was on top of the car and through all that speed and turning, the Evo with th HC never slid off the top of the car. So yes it may add bulk, but it's that knowing the phone is protected.

But the SG doesn't have a built in screen protector does it? Just corners and the sides? Am I wrong about this?
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no it does not. the rubber edges prevent the phone from hitting its face smack dab on the surface, so it still protects the screen.

one issue the HC cases had was the moisture would get between the protector and the screen and cause "oil slick" looking spots. baby powder would correct it, however each time you needed to change the battery or get in the case for whatever reason, this would occur.

of course the case will be a fit for many, many people. ballistic even sent out a survey asking folks what case they used the most, to get a feel of their user base.
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they covered it up, they put a kickstand on the case itself so there is no need to leave a big hole in the case for the original, that picture is of the actual LTEVO case as far as i can tell, the camera and LED placement are correct in that photo as well as the shutter button and the speaker

Wow? Why wouldn't leave that area open to use the original kickstand!? Well, to each it's own! I have yet to purchase a case for any phone I've had!
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