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Help Battery Charging

So here's an odd problem...

Last night I went to bed with around 30% battery. I put my motion on the charger and went to bed, as I do every night. Woke up after about 4-5 hours with only 88% battery. At first I thought, oh, I guess I wasn't asleep that long let me go take a shower and it should be fully charged. Get out of the shower and BOOM, still at 88%... Take my phone off the charger, put it back on, still doesn't move after another half hour. Restart phone, down to 81 but only goes back up to 88... Changed chargers and outlets and still the issue persists. I've had the Motion for about 3 months now, rooted with almost no bloatware removed.

I've never encountered a problem like this before...

Any help is appreciated!
Actually I was under the impression that your phone already had root from this article : http://theunlockr.com/2012/10/30/how-to-root-the-lg-motion-4g/ Once you have root you don't need a custom recovery to clear stats, there are apps on the Play Store that will do it. I wasn't trying to rub anyone's face in it but trying to be a helpful community member as we should all be. :D
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