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ok so im battling wit this battery defender. iv been told that these battery savers actually do more harm then good on our phones. i had uninstalled it wen i first got the phone and the battery was doing fine. i went a whole day on a full charge. but since then ive downloaded a significant more amount of apps on here, and yesterday i was on it alot more wit my nfl mobile and some other things and ended up having to charge it bout half way through the day. i then decided to re-install the battery saver app and have been fiddling with the diferent setting on it. the only thing i noticed is wen my screen is off it kills my data/wifi till its being used. iv also noticed a bit more force closes then usual. (is that related to using the app?) so my main question once again is it this battery saver worth it? i currently use the juice defender. are there any other apps out there that are similar to this? that maybe i should give a try? what do you all use? if you use any at all? and if battery savers are a waste of time. what can i do to preserve my batt? i mean i know my signal strength prob determines my batttery strength. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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