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casio g'zone commando

  1. Willster419

    Use up to 256GB sdcard with the old commando

    Thread updated 12/31/16 You can buy a micro sdcard up to 256gb (so far) and use 3rd party software to format it for FAT32. It will work with the commando. Windows will not let you format FAT32 micro sdcards, however. You need to download 3rd party partition software. I reccomend AOMEI partition...
  2. B

    Camera stuck horizontal

    Hi, My dad recently got the Cassio Commando phone and somehow the camera is stuck horizontal. I've tried turning off orientation and of course turning it off and on again but I can't seem to get it to flip vertically at all. Any insight? Thanks!
  3. M

    Commando Internal Phone Memory down to 40mb

    Is there any way to see on the phone what is using up most of the internal phone memory? I can't install any new apps because it says, the phone has insufficient memory. I was trying to install an internal memory cleaner app. In addition, as the internal phone memory has gotten closer to...
  4. K

    Help Removing Bloatware

    How do you remove bloatware?
  5. fxhawg85


  6. piludo36

    SD Card & Best for Non-Root?

    I really need a recommendation for best NON-ROOT SD card; size/speed/manufacturer for Commando c771 regarding performance? Currently job hunting and can't afford phone issues right now. Current SD: 32GB San Disk Ultra, microSDHC UHS-1. Package say's speed up to 48 MB/s. Current SD App: ES File...
  7. C


    I just got this commando and I replaced the battery. Because the the battery it came with was swollen. I would love to root to red pill, as mechanically inclined as I am I don't know my way around to root my phone. Its sometimes slow to dial, I can't load apps that I want cause it says it won't...
  8. A

    Root Update Phone from M70 to M150

    Willster- I have a C771 on M070 that I would like to update to M150. I haven't used the phone in about 2 years, so I don't remember everything that I did to it at the time, but I do know that I uninstalled some bloat and won't be able to use innopath to update. The phone is also no longer...
  9. K

    Text-related question

    I have a Verizon gzone flip phone (not with Verizon) and half of the time when I receive a text it just says [page] but in the preview I can see a partial message. Id there a way for me to fix this so I see the full message? Thanks to all in advance
  10. piludo36

    Accessories Helpful apps for Casio C771

    I learned early on battery apps are hogs and counter productive. They take up space and tell you how quickly they're draining your battery. However over charging is bad for the battery, so a very cool app, very small and can be set to run only during charge and tell you when charge is complete...
  11. piludo36

    Help Cyanogen ROM & auto install root & IT war?

    Hi, oh this is gonna be fun:) From the hundreds (1000's?:) of hours I've researched on how to just get this phone I both love and hate to do what it's capable of I learned about rooting and ROM's. Wilster's first of course. When I began looking for something easier (not better) to install, as...
  12. UncleBull

    Intro to the Gzone Forum and a question

    Good evening, My name is Bill and I have a GZone C771 Commando and am generally satisfied but we are considering changing providers and maybe I should upgrade to the 811. I know Casio no longer builds or supports these phones. I use the phone mostly for voice and text and occasionally a video...
  13. Willster419

    Pre-built windows XP machiene to work with C771 Drivers

    Hello all, Here is a pre-built virtual machine of windows xp with all drivers needed to do work on the C771. It also has chrome with bookmarks to the android forms, and to my oneDrive so you can quickly download stuff. You can download the virtual machine, or just the windows XP install disk...
  14. Willster419

    Root [Video] How to root with Windows Vista-10

    Here is my latest video showing my mad movie maker skills. It also shows how easy it is to use the latest Casio Root Tool (CRT).
  15. Willster419

    Root Anyone need to update their phone from below M80?

    Hello all, I believe it is possible to update the phones radio firmware so those who are on an old version of the phone can jump right to M150. Reply if interested.
  16. Willster419

    Root Updates on recent activity...

    Hello all, This spring break (and the time before it) i have been putting some work into these phones. I have optimized and re-uploaded the casio M130 redpill and blues ROM's, and am working on the GPS problems with the M150 rom's. I hope to fix the GPS problems by the end of the break, but no...
  17. M

    Replacement Commando stuck on old Android software

    I've had a Casio Commando since mid 2011. My original phone has hardware issues(phone mic static, external speaker phone can't be understood, internal phone memory full) so I bought a replacement on Ebay that's in good condition. I've been putting off switching to the replacement phone...
  18. D

    Help C771 Locked/Brinked? Not Sure

    Good Day All I have a question. I have several Casio C771 that all have the same problem. When I turn them on they display the GzOne logo and then go black. I tried installing the Casio drivers on my machine and then plug them in and i see where they get assigned a Serial Port. I was...
  19. R

    Root Root and tether

    Hello, I just rooted my Casio C771 M150 using the auto root script on this forum. It works great. So, I decided to try PDAnet. It installs, seems to be working. I am able to start the wifi server, set up name pw. My tablet connects to it. However I still cant surf. I keep getting the...
  20. Willster419

    Root M150 GPS problem identification/fix thread

    Identified Problem: The GPS does not work sometimes with the M150 ROM. Most problems are with the "update.zip" files, not the nandroid backups. Detailed Problem description: The GPS does not work on a fresh install of eithor of the 4 M150 ROM's Method(s) to re-create the problem: M150 Rom's...
  21. Willster419

    Casio C771 take apart guide

    Hello guys, I have made a take apart and put together guide for the C771 and C811. C771 take apart guide: C771 put together guide:
  22. zhu14

    Root Rooting a C771

    how to root my casio gzone c771?help me
  23. S

    Root Changing the RedPill startup sound

    Willister Thanks for all you do! Is there a way to change the Boot SOUND in the red pill ROM? I've tried placing a blank android_audio.mp3 in the system/media dir and also changed wakeup.mp3 with the blank .mp3 but the morpheus audio is still booting, any suggestions?
  24. Willster419

    Root Official Questions/Requests/Comments thread for the Casio C771 self-support guide

    Hello all, This is the official thread for everything related to the Casio C771 self-support guide. Here you can ask questions about the guide, comments, requests to have stuff added, and so forth.
  25. Inspector72

    Phone takes 3 to 4 seconds to activate app

    I'm not sure what's going on with my phone , but when I touch an app it takes around 4 seconds to come on. This is a new and I am relatively new to droid. Also my contacts keep stopping. Hopefully someone can help me