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Help Battery drains, GOT221 and CM 6.1 RC5


Nov 22, 2010
I have been using Motorola Milestone for almost a year. 3 months before, I found that the G.O.T. 2.2.1 kernal is available for milestone and i flashed it into my device. Then my nightmare starts.

Though at the beginning the phone is much faster and i am able to watch flash movies on the website. But at that moment my milestone never last longer than a day. Compare with the Nexus one, which can last for 2.5 days without charging. My phone now is.... totally a crap

I want to flash the official kernal back to my milestone (i didnt backup the original kernal =[ ) but I cant do so with the kernal i found on Internet. I am suffering from this days and nights =[

Can anybody help? Either state out what is going on or provide me a link with the official kernal.... please....
yea me too. It won't last more than 8 hours on standby.

Are you running CM6.1.2? My battery was doing pretty good when i had this ROM. I could go on for 2,5 days with average use, heavy use would drain my battery in 1 day.

If your battery drains in 8 hours while on standby than there is something that is constantly using the CPU and your phone doesn't go in sleep mode.
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I'm using GOT 2.2.1 .

i heard many battery complaints about the GOT version. They released a patch which should fix many things a few days after after the 2.2.1 rom. Did you apply that one?
I used it for a few days only, so don't really remember.

You can try CM6 instead though. I know by experience that it is a very stable rom with excellent battery life. Just follow the instructions on the page below:

CyanogenMod 6.1.2 for Milestone A853 | android.doshaska.net
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I've been using CM6 the past couple of days and my phone have been rebooting randomly. do you have that problem?

I'm one of the few that don't have these random reboots, but it is a known issue due to the used kernel (DSI errors).

You have 2 choices: you can either replace the boot.img (kernel) in your CM6update.zip by the older beta kernel (doesn't have these DSI errors but has some other issues), or you can replace it with the last leaked Arabic kernel. I'm using that the last one and haven't had a problem with it (i'm on CM7).

Old beta kernel: bootimg0.04.zip - cyanogenmod4milestone - boot.img from 0.04 - Issue tracker for Milestone CyanogenMod port - Google Project Hosting

Arabic version: https://github.com/nadlabak/android...mmit/872ff98368090271506bd6be7754ae606be49e60
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