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Help Battery life as related to wifi vs. 3g usage


Nov 12, 2009
I work in an office from 8:30-5:30 monday-friday, so I have wifi available to me during those hours as well as wifi at home.

I know that the wifi radio shouldnt be kept on when you arent connected to a wifi signal.

However, is it better for battery life to use wifi as much as possible when it is available to you?

My question in my case is this: Is it better for my battery life if I stay connected to wifi while at my office and at home instead of using the 3g service?

Also, is there a program that shuts off my wifi radio automatically when certain designated wifi signals are not available? I use Juice Defender but am not too advanced in its features.
wifi should be better and use y5 battery saver

and please dont bump your posts after less than half an hour,

So, wifi should be the better option for my battery, provided it gets turned off when not in use, right?

I'll check out y5, but I think Juice Defender/Ultimate Juice does something similar.

Also, I didnt know the 30 min. rule. Know i know, thanks!
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