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Help Battery Life - is this normal?


Jul 16, 2010
Okay, I'm about to complete my first full day with this phone, and if this is normal battery life, I'm not sure if this is going to work.

It was already down to 83% after pretty much no use. But at 83%, I checked Facebook, read a couple of emails, and looked at a few apps at the Market, in 30 minutes time, I was down to 67%.

I decided to try and see how it would handle Angry Birds. It drops about a percent a minute!

This was all on Wifi, I haven't even attempted 4g (and I know it's down today).

I just received/responded to text message - down 1 percent!
While I can't really explain the how/why, I've always found you need to do at least a few complete charges/discharges and allow your phone to normalize.

Mind you I have the extended battery, but I have been unplugged for almost 7 hours now, and I am sitting at 80% left.

I have set about 20 texts, 3 pictures messages, made 5 phone calls and messed around with some other stuff.
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I just checked the battery usage and it shows Angry Birds (which I quit playing about an hour ago) and Zedge which I was looking at about 4 hours ago. Should they still be listed as using the battery?

I've pretty much deleted everything off my screen, even got rid of the pretty clock, and it still seems to drop a percent everytime I just pick it up.

Should I let the battery discharge completely before charging it again?
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I am still in the "getting to know you" phase with this phone and it's battery appetite. I worked with the stock battery for about 2 weeks, and rarely saw more than 7 hours of life without having to hook up. I then went with the extended battery last Friday. Following all of the battery saving tips that I could find, I am able to get about 14+ hours before it goes into the red. Mind you, that is running on the "Normal" power setting (no 4G). I do live in a neighborhood that gets horrible cell service, so I figure I'm losing at least a couple of hours of useable power when I am there. It is so bad that I'm considering dropping $100 on a network extender for my house. Anyway, I absolutely love the phone...other than the battery issues. I have another 60 days or so (Costco) to burn, and hopefully it won't end up being a rental. I read someone else's post somewhere that compared the battery life of these powerhouse smartphones to that of a laptop computer. No one expects their laptop to last longer than 6 hours, so why should we expect these "mini-laptops" to do much better? It may just be the nature of the beast...:)
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