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Root Battery life sucks bad

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Obviously heavy users will drain batteries sooner, but I have gotten 4 days+ on 1 charge.

I routinely check the stock task manager and close all apps when I put my phone to sleep.

2. Battery life is at a premium (some people have to recharge every 12 hours)

Turn off GPS, wi-fi, sync, Bluetooth as much as possible; there is a great stock widget for easy access.

Watch for - apps that update too often (email), kill background apps, low signals, aftermarket batteries - all drain batteries.
You can easily get 1-3 days from a battery charge if you’re careful.


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I'm a terribly lazy person so I like apps or software that automatically do things for me. I've found that the majority of battery drain is WIFI and GPS and frequent constant use of 3G.

To that end I've used battery saver apps from time to time and they've managed to make my phone battery last an entire day sometimes even in to the next day. It does this by turning off a lot of stuff you don't use while your phone is off. That way it conserves power and doesn't drain your battery. It will reactive these services when you are going to use it.

The best one so far that is ABSOLUTELY FREE is Easy Battery Saver. Just look at the download count, ratings, and comments if you think I'm crazy.

JuiceDefender - battery saver is okay but the free version is lacking. Easy Battery Saver gives you most of the options the paid version of Juice Defender has and actually performs better.

Finally Battery Defender-Battery Saver is a great one as well I used for a long time. It's very simple and does exactly what you need if your looking for a minimalistic app. I've never had issues with it on the prevail.
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