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Help Battery or Port Issue?


Oct 11, 2012
I have Badass Battery Monitor installed on my Dinc2. Over the last few weeks, I have noticed that it would randomly show no data for the percentage of battery power remaining. The battery icon on the phone would also show red with a line through it.

The battery has been been lasting a shorter and shorter period of time.

Last night, I plugged my phone in before going to bed. It had a 7% charge remaining. For some reason, I woke up at more than an hour before my alarm was due to go off... Which is good, as my phone (and alarm) was COMPLETELY dead. I wiggled the power cord a bit, and when I woke up again (at the right time), my phone showed a 22% charge. Less than two hours later, it was completely dead again, and wouldn't charge on the charger.

I've been googling, and found a suggestion to use a binder clip to hold the charger at a particular angle while charging, and so far, it SEEMS to be working (I have a solid orange light now, instead of no light at all, or a blinking orange one that stops).

Is this a battery issue, or a port issue, or both? Any ideas? Suggestions?

ETA: And to add to the strangeness of my phone... It's been plugged in for less than an hour with the binder clip holding things in place. I turned the phone back on, and it shows a 63% charge.
Because of the first part of your post talking about the battery lasting a shorter and shorter period of time, and the red battery icon with a line through it, I would say battery is the culprit.
Unfortunately your part about the paper clip helping (is that actually what you were saying? Does it actually change anything consistently?) says charging port.
I think your best bet is to buy a battery. One of the cheap ones with an external charger that comes with it and if the battery isn't the problem you're covered for the time being with an external charger until you can fix/replace the port.
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This happened to me too. It's not the battery (I had several batteries, some new, to test) and its not the cable (again, I have several to use/test). It's the hardware (charging port?) on the phone. I brought my dinc2 in to Verizon under warranty and they replaced it. I'm using the same battery and charger as my old phone and no problem. In fact, the battery life on my phone is better than it ever was on my old phone.
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