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htc droid incredible 2

  1. B

    Running your phone without a battery installed

    Hello, I have a project that I'm considering using an HTC Droid Incredible 2 for. I'd like to run the phone off USB power but WITHOUT a battery installed into the phone. Can someone who owns an Incredible 2 please try turning their phone on with USB power plugged in but the battery removed...
  2. C

    Help Camera &video not working

    Recently purchased a Droid Incredible 2. Camera and video recorder does not function. Anything I can do to fix this? Thankyou!
  3. N

    Root Help me to root and flash

    Hey, (NOOB here!) Im a new user here and a new android user, too. i have a phone, HTC INCRDEIBLE 2 (ADR6350), i need your help to root it. ive searched in internet but couldnt find anything useful or at least i couldnt understand it. 1)i have unlocked sim in this phone and i use in anothert...
  4. B

    Help lost signal, help!

    I have a pair of HTC Incredible 2s, for the spouse unit and myself. The other one has a glitch, so I thought I'd switch phones to make life easier for the SU. Unfortunately, I mucked something up, because I have no signal. Steps taken: Thinking I just want to do a brain transplant and move ROM...
  5. codezer0

    Help Won't go past recovery screen

    I posted on this earlier when I couldn't identify this phone. But very simply... I have in my hands a Droid Incredible 2 from in-law. Per asking them, it doesn't sound like they would even know how to root, or ever wanted to. However, this phone won't go past this white screen. It won't boot...
  6. Skynet11

    Official HTC Droid Incredible 2 User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official HTC Droid Incredible 2 User Manual - The official HTC Droid Incredible 2 User Guide Read more about this resource...
  7. jb3674

    Root HTC Incredible 2 bricked? Please Help

    Hello Android gurus I need your help. I am computer savvy but just learning about Android phones. HTC Incredible 2 Verizon vivow. I followed this guide (look for: Reported working on red letters”)...
  8. M

    Help SIM issues - Dinc2 does not recognize the card

    Does anyone follow this forum anymore? I have found people with similar issues in the past but no effective resolution was offered that I can find. I bought a Dinc2 on Ebay that I called Verizon to unlock and tested it with two SIM cards. It worked fine on each for voice & text and connected...
  9. B

    Root please help, bootloop problem with DInc2

    The DInc2 root subforum gets no love anymore, nor does DInc2, apparently. There are dead links and unsupported things for DInc2 in the many places to look for root goodness (here, XDA). I just got one of these phones, and am trying to root. I've got it pretty messed up. I thought I got to the...
  10. B

    Root Never mind!

    Fair warning for people who are just now getting and rooting the Incredible 2. Because this model is old, there are a fair number of bad links in the various rooting guides, here or at XDA, pieces missing that have to be got somewhere else.
  11. T

    Help HTC Incredible 2

    My HTC Incredible 2 keeps reverting back to vibration feedback for calls and notifications. I have unchecked this box numerous times, I go back to settings and the box is checked again. I have had to have my incredible 2 replaced 5-6 times already, it was typically lasting about 6 months in...
  12. M

    i need help

    Please I need help on how to chnange my HTC incredible 2 imei number .
  13. H

    Trouble with Sim

    I have an unlocked Incredible 2 that I was using on Verizon's network but I haven't used it in over a year as I up graded to a LG G2. I am going to Europe soon so decided to send away for a European Sim card to put in the Inc 2 but I can't get the phone to work with the new Sim. I talked to VZW...
  14. A

    Root HTC Droid Incredible 2 - How to Root

    Hi. I have Droid Inc2 that obtained from Verizon but use with T-mobile. It has ICS 4.0.4 loaded on it. I wan to root it so I can put a non-carrier specific ROM on it. I've read dozens of threads that gave instructions on how to root the inc2 by way of HTCDev to get an unlock code. It looks...
  15. Y

    What is Incredible G11?

    What is Incredible G11? Is it the same as Incredible S S710e?
  16. A

    Root HTC Droid Incredible ROM

    Hi, I just switched to t-mobile and I'm using my ex-verizon HTC Droid Incredible 2 without issue (Only problem is data surfing is only @2G not 4G...which I'm willing to live with for now). My main problem is that the phone still thinks it's a verizon....so I'm looking to flash another...
  17. H

    New Sim card

    I have an unlocked Incredible 2 that I don't use anymore so I did a factory re-set and now it will not recognize a European Sim Card that I planned to use when I travel to Germany in Aug. Is it possible the phone locked it self again after the re-set. Thanks for any help.
  18. N

    GPS patch

    Hey everyone, new to the forum, but have been lurking in the background for a while. Have a question, I'm trying to add a gps patch to improve my gps reception(which is horrible) but when I try to install to /etc/ of the system I keep getting a "file is read only" error. Question is how do...
  19. N

    Help Yahoo mail, am I missing something?

    I cannot find the way to move to the next message while viewing one in yahoo mail! (meaning I must always hit back to the inbox view then select the next message) Am I missing something, how do you just navigate to the next message in line? Thanks in advance, Chris
  20. M

    Help Device won't read SD card, but SD card is functional!

    Hi there, I've just received a warranty replacement device (my original Droid Inc 2 stopped charging after 2.5 years). But, this device has its own problem: it will not read my SD card. When attempting to view photos, music, etc, it says "Please insert an SD card." Some more info: - I know...
  21. G

    Just upgraded to LG G2. Sell the Inc2?

    Keep as backup? What can I get for it on swappa or Ebay?
  22. H

    Help unlocked DInc2 won't connect to Page Plus Cellular after factory reset

    Help, please! My unlocked Verizon DInc2 was working just fine on Page Plus Cellular until yesterday when it froze. I pulled out and replaced the battery but then it began looping in start up (white HTC screen, white HTC w/quietly brilliant, red eye screen, black screen...repeat). I only have a...
  23. S

    Root need guidence

    Sir i am using HTC droid incredible 2 with android version of 2.3.4, HTC sense version 2.1 software version 6.04.605.07 710rd but i want to update its android version. i am getting confused how to do it because by clicking Check new in software update setting it gives me network problem...
  24. B

    what is this new icon at the top?

    it looks kinda like an N, sits at the top between by bluetooth and wifi icons. See attached
  25. G

    Case: Best cheap Android phone (shock proof) case?

    Otterbox is $18. Way too much for some plastic. This is just a thin "skin". I want something with a deep bezel to protect the screen if dropped. How about this for $5? Any better ideas?