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battery percentage disappeared from status bar. cant get it restored

moto g power 2021. owned the phone for a short time. initially i had the battery percentage displayed in the status bar, then it suddenly went away. if i go to settings-battery-battery percentage-show battery percentage in status bar, it still is missing. oddly enough, it does show when i swipe down on the status bar. i have always liked to see the percentage when the screen is displayed. any ideas what i can try? TIA
Your Moto G Power is running Android ver. 10 isn't it? Before resorting to more extreme measures, I'd just focus on fixing this particular issue, hopefully it's just a one-off glitch. But it is odd that you can still see the Battery percentage when swiping down but it stopped being always showing.

In Settings menu, instead of in the Battery submenu the Battery percentage option might be buried elsewhere. Try opening Settings in the upper search bar do a search for status or status bar and that might reveal something relevant. Try toggling the Battery percentage off and on a couple of times. Perhaps the config file for that process just became corrupted somehow and needs to be written over to delete it.
If all that isn't even relevant, can you think of anything that occurred that might have triggered this to happen? A change to a Setting menu you made or an app you installed? The Notification and the Status bars are a dumping ground for all kinds of apps and all kinds of background services so interference with one or the other isn't surprising.

This pdf is Motorola's User Manual for your model, might be a handy reference to bookmark in your browser for future reference:
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I've got a Motorola G Stylus 2021, similar to yours.
Go to settings, battery, then show percentage to toggle on... Screenshot_20221115-175839.pngScreenshot_20221115-175850.png
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