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Now is it true that battery without being removeable will last a much shorter time and start to fade after a year?

Second there is a life case water proof if i get that i wont need screen protectors right?

Second is it worth saving at least 150 getting this phone over the note which has less battery life unless motorolla upgrades to lollupop or 5.0 and allows the turbo to have a ultra saving mode?
Removable battery has little effect on life. Just makes it harder to replace when it does fail.

I was all over the note 4 when it was announced. Decided to wait and the nexus 6 caught my eye. Got angry with the preorder issue's so I came into Verizon and bought this. Held the note 4 and just didn't like the feel.

I do believe the life proof case is water resistant.

Still getting a nexus 6. I needed something now as my RAZR maxx was all messed up.
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I think signal strength where you are will definitely have a lot to do with it. At home over the weekend I was down to about 35% after 18 hours. At work today I am down to 40% after 8 hours off the charger. I did use it a bit more. Some streaming, updating apps, messaging, etc. The wifi signal I get at work is very weak across all my devices so that might have a big effect as well.

Once I get everything "set" how I like it I'll let it go for about a few days and report back.

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