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Accessories Battery upgrade?


Dec 8, 2009
Hi everyone

I currently have a droid eris which I've begun to absolutely abhor. I'm not due for an upgrade but I may be able to score a deal on an Incredible.

My only concern is the battery life (which seems to be a nagging issue with today's smartphone). Are there any better replacement batteries out there? And will they increase the weight of the phone or the amount of heat generated?
You actually would have quite a few options. You could use the search feature on the forum here because there are about 1000000000000000000000000000 threads about batteries. you can get a stock 1500 mah battery for the touch pro 2 and others. There is a 1750 mah from siedo but i do not recommend it because a lot of people have complained that the mah is not 1750. There is the 2150 from verizon, that one adds a little bulk but its really not as bad as you would think. There are pics here on the forum comparing sizes. There is a 3500 mah battery from siedo, i dont know much about that one but im sure there are reviews here. There are also a bunch of other ones on ebay ranging from 1800-3500. Obviously those are going to be hit or miss on the quality.
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