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battery use


Jan 16, 2010

1) Is it possible to use another battery from another htc device? Any other device have a stronger battery you can use?

2) when the green light is on, it means it is fully charged right?
however when i go to the desktop app it shows you the percentage of charge, it is only ever in the 90's% when the green light comes on. something wrong with my battery? it still carries on charging but the green light comes on so early,
oh my god, you guys are totally confusing me!!! hahah

all i want to know is when to pull the plug? when it goes green or when it goes 100%?
Which one is fully charged?

Try this (it's what I do), turn your phone off and plug it in over night. Turn it on in the morning and see how it reacts; mine is always at 100% after turning it off and charging it at night.
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