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Help Battery woes...


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Feb 16, 2010
San Diego
Damn I love almost everything about this phone, but the battery life is giving me a complex. I think the extended battery is my only option, and I actually think I'll do it! My settings are maximized for battery conservation, and this is still what i'm getting...
You have something abnormal going on with your phone. You might try looking at the apps you have running in background. Perhaps something you added to your system isn't playing right. I have my phone set for max performance and it goes all day with plenty of battery left.


I have the extended battery now which I can easily go all day with. My guess would also be something auto updating. The extended battery is awesome, the extra battery bump is well worth it and barely noticeable.
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I think you can get the display to use a little less battery.... Use the pre-installed "Power Manager" widget that controls Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync, and Display... Turn off the Auto Brightness and set it on the middle setting. I think that will help.

5 Hours is not normal. I get 18 hours consistently.
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