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Help BBC Sport Video Clips


It's the clips that are embedded into the articles.

Before I did the upgrades, live feeds, embedded clips and iPlayer all worked fine. Now for some reason, any live feeds and embedded clips within the Sport section are just blank.

I tried switching off mobile view but that had no impact.

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I have the same issue on my desire s. The BBC news flash clips work but the bbc sport website clips dont. The page just loads with a blank space where the video should be and when I try clicking on it, it just gives the outline of the video. I haven't come across any issues with the flash content on other web pages so bbc must be doing something.
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I also think it's BBC related as the same videos I can't play on my DHD won't work on my work PC either.

OP, clutching at straws, but does changing the user agent as described below work -


Had a bash at that, no joy. Interestingly though I get the clip to appear as a picture now as opposed to nothing at all. It tells me underneath the picture that I need to update my flash player but when I follow the link to Adobe, it tells me there that I don't have a supported platform!!
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hiii all,

It happened some time.
There can be two reasons.

1. Virus problem in your operating system

2. It can be due to not properly uninstallation of older version.Just removing older version restart operating system and then after installwtion.The process remove a lot of error these kind you mentioned.
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Hi, I am having the exact same problem viewing the BBC sports videos. The iPlayer works, and the videos in the BBC News section work ok - it's just the sports videos. Given that the iPlayer and News videos work, it can't be a flash problem, so must be something that the BBC is doing? All videos seem to work ok on my PC. I've tried various browsers on Android, but they're all the same. Grrrrr! If anyone finds a solution, please post it!
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Hi folks,

I have the same problem with the BBC videos - none of them work, news or sports. the embedded ones do, but the videos dont.

Before the upgrade it was the other way around.

Are any of you on vodaphone? (i dont think it matters if your not)

I've got a thread on their forum, & they say if three people report the problem they will investigate it.

Please check it out, & tell them about the problem & they may try to get it fixed
BBC website videos not working - PLEASE TEST - Vodafone eForum

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