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Best backing up & restoring to a replacement phone option?


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Jan 30, 2011
San Diego, CA
I've searched here for a thread that already has this info but could not find one. I've got a Note 10+ 5G phone that Verizon agreed to replace due to a problem related to gps mapping not working the way it should. I've had phones replaced in the past and although I've tried different ways of backing up & restoring none has fully restored my replacement phone entirely(including apps/widgets) back to how I had the replaced phone set up. I've not had issues with things like pics/vids/contacts ect but other things like widgets have never been restored. An example of this is the fact that I use Nova Launcher and have never moved to a new/replacement phone and not had to download & setup Nova Launcher all over again. I've had a few people tell me there are ways of doing what I'd like to do but none of them knew what that way was. I've tried the following ways of backing up & restoring in the past:

  • Google backup/restore
  • Samsung Cloud
  • Samsung Smart Switch
  • Copy & paste via a PC/laptop
Am what I'm trying to accomplish simply not possible or am I just doing it wrong?
you can backup and restore nova launcher configurations.....its within the nova settings. i think you have to purchase the nova prime to unlock those settings.....well worth it, if you have not done so already.

Thanks. I'll take a look for that option. What about backing up & restoring widgets?
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your google contacts should sync automatically when you sign in to your new device......same thing with samsung so i would not worry about those.......for me when i got my note 10+ i mostly used smart switch and restore my nova backup. which i saved on my sd card.....did not use my computer at all to transfer anything.
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