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Feb 7, 2011
whats up.. so i was wondering if anyone knew how much will the inspire be with the employee discount because im going to work there.. im asking because they are selling it off contract for 600 while att is selling it for 400... so any info or comments will be appriciated..

p.s. sorry if my english isnt so good..
ah, nice! I was Customer Ops

unfortunately, I was hired for Seasonal help with Black Friday and Christmas so I got instant Employee Discount lol. And yeah, it would probably be better to get it somewhere else.

then again, I could be wrong. I mean, might as well price check it to see how much it actually is. Dell may have just done what Bose and Apple does, not allow too much of a discount or at all
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I went to BB after going to the ATT store. ATT was 399, so I went to BB, they said it was 599 with no contract... I said "Ummm, everyone else is selling them for 399..." She said, "oh, well we can price match that"

Walked out with an Inspire :) AND a 30 day return policy but I wont be worried about that now, IM KEEPIN IT

same here they looked it up on AT&T website and price matched, and Im keeping it too :)
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Yeah, Best Buy's policy is that we can price match as long as it's too a local store (can't do a Frys if it isn't in shopping distance, etc.) and we have to verify the price as well as if it's in stock. The only website we could price match is BestBuy.com

If they tell you anything different, ask to speak to a manager, or even district manager. Just be polite, and be able to prove the price if you can
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