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htc inspire 4g

  1. F

    HTC Inspire wont download photos 2

    Recently, when I connect to my PC via USB cable the Windows box with the selection to "download photos to computer" will not pop up. Neither will the box from Picasa 3 offering the same. I have tried resetting the phone's Connect to PC several times changing from Disk Drive to Charge Only and...
  2. 7

    Upgrade to any possible new Android/ROM version

    First of all, i hope I'm not the only one in this forum! I just found my old cellphone and want to get most of it, and good to mention now, there is almost noway to use any application because this is an old Android rooted version. I even not able to use my google account to get google play! I...
  3. A

    batt.run short.

    my batt.has short life from full charge over night,i have replacementl but did not improve,half of day it's down to halfl. and also blue tooth doen not work well,it's show blue tooth funtion on screen but do not work.
  4. R

    New ! HTC Desire HD Review

    Take a look at the new HTC Desire HD, and discover the several ways it can bring you amazing multimedia content, as well as an incredibly smooth and easy internet experience. The new android phone from HTC takes wireless to a whole new level.
  5. E

    Root Bootloader and ROM Help !! Flashing custom ROM with SD Card...

    hey... I have a HTC Inspire 4G. Details are given below: Android Version: 2.3.5 Software Number: 3.20.502.63 710RD H-Boot: 2.00.0030 Radio: S-Off Bootloader Locked! and not Rooted (Because I can't connect it to Computer, not solving driver problem :( ) Today I read from here that...
  6. E

    Root How to connect HTC Inspire 4G to PC / repair Android OS ? (Plz read Description)

    Hey there, I'm having problem connecting device to Computer... I have tried different data cables and OS... I thought that the problem is with the drivers but I was wrong... I think that the problem I with software of my mobile... I have an old version of HTC Inspire 4G which have about 1 GB...
  7. H

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeee help me htc inspire 4g locked screen password

    I have htc inspire 4g AT&T i lock my phone with password and i forget the password my phone on charge mode only when i connect my device with pc only charge mode i try many and many times hard reset with press volume down + power button to enter hboot but nothing happen phone start normal when...
  8. F

    HTC Inspire stuck at the HTC booting screen.

    I used this guide to root my HTC Inspire 4g AT&T phone running v2.3.5: http://androidforums.com/rezound-all-things-root/506466-scottys-noob-friendly-root-guide-start-finish.html Soooo, I followed this guide very thoroughly, and then I messed up. I accidentally loaded ext4 again when trying to...
  9. D

    HTC Inspire wont download photos

    HTC inspire wo photosn't download photos
  10. J

    Can't screenshot

    I can't screenshot on my inspire 4g. I do the power button and home button thing and it either locks the screen or the shortcuts thing comes up. I would like to screen shot. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  11. N

    Help My speaker does not work!

    Anyone having trouble with there speaker? It does not ring or give notificationsounds or play sound on video! Plz help
  12. saiyan

    Root flash custom rom on inspire 4g with s on

    I'm posting this thread for flashing custom Roms on HTC inspire 4g with s on 1.unlock bootloader with htcdev 2.root the phone&install recovery 3.download Rom that u want. 4. From your computer, open the rom.zip and extract boot.img. Transfer the rom.zip to your phone and flash from...
  13. saiyan

    Root htc inspire s off

    Help htc inspire 4g 2.3.5 I was unable to s off its rooted unlocked bootloader and custom recovery 4ext installed I want to flash roms...any help :(
  14. Metroid Prime

    Import text messages from inspire to blackberry?

    A while back I gave my mother my old HTC Inspire when I upgraded to a different phone. She has a new blackberry and has hundreds of text messages on there which are important because they're work related. My question is how can you transfer those text messages from the HTC to the blackberry? Is...
  15. R

    Help inspire wont turn on

    so my inspire had terrible battery life and was getting very hot,now it wont charge or even turn on. everytime i hold the power button it vibrates like 6 or 7 times really fast. already tried a new battery.....help
  16. bbxrider

    Help google does not recognize my htc 2.3.5

    for some reason google detects that I have an HTC 'desire' not a HTC 'inspire' but only when it comes time to download and install chrome this is link to the chrome I'm trying to install: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.android.chrome&hl=en See attachments, first it detects...
  17. B

    Accessories Cases

    Will a HTC one case fit an Inspire 4g?
  18. B

    HTC Inspire/Straight Talk/Mobile Network

    I have an HTC inspire 4g and the straight tak sim card activated. My htc inspire works on wifi and acts as if there is a sim card inserted. When I try to set my APN my mobile network option is greyed out so I cannot do so. My phone acts as if it is unlocked until I try to call or message, then...
  19. J

    Help Hey please help me out with this really need help asap

    Hey so my htc inspire 4g is messing up it constantly freeze on me cant open apps ive tried to factory date reset and when I do I cant wipe the phone it gives an error any ideas on why this would do that and any ideas on how to wipe the device plz and thank you.
  20. J

    I think my htc inspire has a virus

    Hey so my htc inspire 4g is messing up it constantly freeze on me cant open apps ive tried to factory date reset and when I do I cant wipe the phone it gives an error any ideas on why this would do that and any ideas on how to wipe the device plz and thank you.
  21. RCAIN1

    Help HTC inspire 4g can't find Ota update from 2.3.3 to2.3.5

    I just received this HTC inspire 4g at&t phone from a friend who didn't keep up on the updates. I would highly appreciate some guidance or maybe a little help to update this phone. I've searched everywhere high and low no luck please if someone out there has the info to make this happen please...
  22. S

    HTC-Inspire Nova Remove Help

    So, I just got an Inspire from eBay to replace my old phone. Just came away from the at&t store with a phone with some thing called Nova as an OS or something to that effect, and it is something I am not used to. There is a terminal emulator, but I am not tech savvy, and have no use for it, or...
  23. R

    htc inspire boot loop

    so today I had to factory reset my htc inspire so I went to the boot loader and did it from there I also formatted the cache partition and the delvik cache and I tried rebooting it and it got stuck on a boot loop and it wont get out of it I might try putting the software on again if anyone can...
  24. B

    no internet with metro pcs

    I rooted my htc inspire from at&t, switch to metro pcs, my calls and tx works fine but no internet or picture messages, can somebody help me with this problem? Wifi works.
  25. T

    "Android System" vs "com.htc.app.HtcRingtonePickerActivity"

    Hi all, Quick question, and I'm not sure if this rightly belongs here or in the forum for rooting. I just rooted my phone and cleared out a bunch of bloatware. All fine and dandy, except for one tiny barely-worth-mentioning thing: When I go to assign a ringtone or a sound, and the box pops...