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Best case with screen protector for Moto G Stylus

Well the phone itself should have Gorilla Glass for the screen. GG resists scratching to a point but will still shatter on sufficient impact, a screen protector will help with that although it will still be possible to break it if you try hard enough. ;)
The protector, depending on how good it is, may be easier to keep clean and free of fingerprints compared to the glass screen. For $1 who knows. I hope you bought more than one because the cheap ones tend to develop scratches and get foggy before too long. I prefer the Zagg protectors which are of course more expensive but they hold up better and when I need a new one the local Zagg store replaces it for a lot less than a new one.
As for the installation, the important thing is that the screen should be completely clean and free of any dust or lint that can get caught under the protector and then will be there forever. Installation processes vary, some protectors are installed dry and some are installed wet either with just water or with a special solution (Zagg does this). One useful tip is to do this in the bathroom after running a hot shower so the mist will keep the dust down. It can be tricky to get the alignment of the protector on the screen just right and you may only get one shot at it, but at least in this case you'll only have wasted $1 if you screw it up. Sometimes it's easier to just have the guy in the store do it if they offer the service, I've done this with my last few Zagg protectors after doing a bunch myself.
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yeah i hate putting screen protectors on myself......i always get bubbles and then the edges start to peel off or get dirt underneath them which is why i like zagg shields. Best Buy offers to put them on for you and the same goes for the zagg booth that is inside one of the malls i go to (pre-pandemic of course). the nice thing is for a one time thing, they will replace the shield for free. and for $7 they will install a new one for you!
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