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Best Extended Batteries?


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Jun 1, 2010
Washington, DC
I'm an extremely heavy user (stream HD Netflix over 4G, use Google Navigation while MLB At Bat is streaming a game, playing Goldeneye with a PS3 controller, etc.) and I'm tired of my battery running out in 6 hours.

What is the consensus here for the best extended battery for the Nexus? I have the 2100mAh one Verizon sells, but that's nothing.

Anyone tried either of these?

Obviously I know it's going to make the phone a bit fatter, but my real concerns are functionality. I'd much prefer have 1 device that lasts all day than carry around spare batteries (or recharging packs), even if it means the phone's a bit bigger.

Any tips on what to get? How they hold a charge, even after a few weeks/months of use?

Note: I did try searching, but couldn't figure out how to search just this forum, and didn't find anything this specific.
I just swapped over to a Hyperion 3800 as well.

The best I ever got out of the Samsung 2100 battery was 2 hours, 15 minutes of screen time while playing MC3 - the battery itself only lasted 5 hours on that charge, but I tend to just monitor screen time for battery usage comparisons. (The fact that I've gotten 24 hours out of the 2100 battery is a moot point because I didn't turn the phone on much that day.)

The Hyperion is enduring its 2nd full discharge right now. Its first discharge was spread over installing a ROM twice and downloading all 100+ of my apps over 4G. From what I remember, that was a fairly significant drain, but I still managed over 4 hours of screen time (2 hours on previous ROM, 1 hour each on the subsequent installs) along with several phone calls. This would have required me to swap to AC within the first hour on the 2100 battery.

To be honest, I didn't think I'd like the extra thickness, but with the cheapo case that Hyperion sells, it isn't *that* bad. I will try to follow up on this post a few weeks down the road and let you know how well the battery is holding up.
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I use the Seidio 3800 NFC and have the case that goes with it. I am a pretty heavy user and the battery gets me through every day. 4 hours of screen on time and I'm always on 4g when not at home. Its pretty common for me to download a custom ROM and install it and all my apps at some point during the day. (Yup, I'm a crackflasher). Right now my battery is at 32% with 2:40 screen on time. I've downloaded over 300 mb in files and streamed Pandora for an hour not to mention all the email/text/web browsing and 30 minutes of phone usage..

I get a little less than twice the time between charges using this battery.

Keep in mind this adds quite a bit of weight but its worth it to never worry about my battery running out.

My daily driver is Bugless Beast (JellyBean)
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I purchased a cheapo extended battery and cover from eBay for about 8 bucks delivered. I did not expect too much. My original battery was usually around 50% when I got home from work, the eBay battery is is close to 80%. I really did not expect much improvement and was really surprised.
I put the original back in and keep the extender battery and cover in my car on in my carry on bag when I travel.
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Any update on this one? It's been two weeks now so I thought I'd check in!

Thanks :)

I've seen a definite increase in screen time. My screen time was, with the 21xx battery, around the 2 hour mark - sometimes it was a few minutes over, most of the time it was in the 1 hr 45 min range. With bad signal, it was worse, with good signal better.

With the Hyperion battery, I've gotten anywhere from 2 hr 30 min to 5 hr range for screen time. That's a definite improvement. The extra thickness isn't so pleasing to the eye, but it's really not that bad.

Saying all of that, I was just now listening to my music on my phone and the battery was getting super hot. I shut down the phone and pulled the battery to let it cool. Now that I've let it cool, I cannot get the phone to power on again. This is NOT making me a happy camper.

I'll try to post up in a few days once I get the battery back up and running, especially if I have to return it.
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I got the hyperion(spelling?) 3800mah from amazon. Its NFC compatible and the same company makes cases to accommodate the bigger battery.

I purchased a 3900mah from ebay and the hyperion lasts longer... Go figure.

These guys got it right. Almost doubles the size of the phone though. But my work requires the extensive use of the phone and this stands up to it!
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I'm a moderate to heavy user and the Samsung works great for me. I use WiFi at home, and plug in if I am using navigation in the car. If I'm at work I just throw it on the charger. If I don't charge at all I get about 3 and a half hours of screen time (Netflix, At-Bat video, web browsing, casual gaming). I don't think batteries exist for what you are looking for...
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