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Best missed call/text notification app? Suggestions please...

The main issue is that I miss a lot of texts/calls due to the week vibrate.

This app will make noise or vibrate every XX seconds, as many times as you set (up to infinity), until you acknowledge the missed reminder which gives me a greater chance of hearing it if I missed it that first time.
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I'm not trying to be cantankerous, I truly don't understand the need for this app. The phone notificatins if I've missed a call(s), and there are message notifiers. What about this type of app am I ..errr.. missing?

Well, for me...I have the phone in my purse and sometimes I can miss a call, or when driving and the phone rings...I usually have my music pretty loud so I miss calls. When I get out if I had some sort of "tone" or "ring" or something other than the visual ques I get like flashing trackballs or flashing teeny tiny light, well that would be very helpful!

Thanks on the 2 suggestions, I'll check them out! :D
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