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Help best replacement for Handcent?


Jun 17, 2010
Hi all, I've been using Handcent since I got the Desire almost two years ago now, trouble is the latest updates with all the extra guff have slowed the App down to appaling standards. I've done the uninstall re-install and even cleared all my SMS messages and what not but it still runs like a dog!

So has anyone got a good similar App that runs smoothly and does a good job? (needs to have settings for individual people like Handcent does)
Thanks in advance :)
Go SMS is meant to be pretty decent, but I've always used Handcent. And I still am.. I've noticed its a little more demanding since the latest updates, but not enough to make me swap or describe the symptoms you have.. Are you sure it's Handcent consuming your memory to this degree? My girlfriend still uses it on her Wildfire and it's not too bad on that.
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ok I tried Go SMS and its absolute rubbish, the options dont work properly...I set the vibrate ON but it never did, I unticked Turn Screen On when recieiving SMS but it still turned on regardless, it would keep forgetting Individual settings....overall looks nice but not working for me properly so had enough and uninstalled!

Any other recommendations?
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