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Root Best Rom/Software/Etc. for a Business phone?

Is one of the main uses of your Droid X for your business / job?

  • Yes, It's a critical tool for my work.

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • Yes, but it's not that critical.

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • No, It's a personal phone.

    Votes: 1 20.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
My Droid X is a toy in the same sense all of you enjoy it; however, it is also critical that it is my go-to gadget to get my job done. I deal with a lot of clients by phone, and I do a lot of technical things with my phone that most people might not use or just find interesting (I design/work on large networks). So, as much as I want to hack & learn & break, etc. I need a solid plan for when my tinkering gets the best of me, and my business needs me.

As a bonus: do you use your Droid X for business? Added a poll :)

I'm writing this post because I know a lot of you out there are in this predicament and you don't want to buy another phone just for tinkering. I've met real estate people who need their phones more than I do (!!) and finance, etc people who are equally attached so it's not just geeks and engineers. :)

This is my plan, using what I know about Android and the Droid X, to build a SOLID phone for work, take an EASY snapshot of that device, and use that as a baseline in case I need to panic and go back to something that works very quickly. I've had my hands tied by the hope of a bootloader unlock, but now that I see we've all but given up on that, it's time to accept Moto's BS and move forward. Here's my plan, I certainly welcome any and all input from all of you since it's likely you know more about Android/DroidX and could improve upon this:

[My Absolute Requirements]
1. FULL ActiveSync-based Exchange 2010 support. (Mail, Calendar, Contacts. Notes and etc are a nice-to-have)
2. The DroidX's awesome radio + noise-cancelling for conversations with customers.
3. The ability to use all my other email services (IMAP, Gmail)
4. Fast Web Browsing
5. Terminal/Telnet/SSH/etc into network devices in case laptop is not available.
6. (Since I am a VoIP guy) VoIP/Chat programs based on SIP, h.323, XMPP, etc. to test installations and customer networks.
7. XMPP-based chat for our corporate IM server.
8. Wireless Tether (for emergency Net needs at crazy customer sites).

[My Plan (Advice welcomed!)]
(I am coming from a hacked-together screwed-around 2.3.15 implementation of Tranquility 3.0, where impressive, does not easily incorporate ActiveSync support)
1. Power off, Remove SD card.
2. SBF (Using PST Lite 4.8) to 2.1 Original ROM ("The Gift")
2.1. Boot into "Recovery" mode? Using Camera-down, home, and power buttons for 10sec.
2.2. Used "Recovery" mode to wipe data/factory and /cache and start from scratch. (Otherwise Droid boot-loop)
3. Set up phone WITHOUT SD card for basic connectivity to VZW.
3.1 Power off, Replace SD card, power on.
4. Let VZW do the 2.2 OTA upgrade.
5. Once official 2.2, use SuperOneClick to root.
6. Add in Bootstrap, Rom Manager, Wireless Tether.
7. Add in all my default programs to take care of the Requirements list above.
8. Configure all those programs the way I want.
9. Reboot into Clockwork recovery (flashed via Rom Manager)
10. Take a backup of the phone to the SD card (People call this nandroid?) and call it "Emergency Backup" or something similar.

Then, I will have a way to go back to a platform where I can begin tinkering again, but all of my business-related items will work. The main question is: How do I apply this backup back to the phone in case I really screw myself with ROMs etc?

Thanks in advance for any input you can provide...


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