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Help Best way to transfer files from Pc to rooted Android device

Roy Oxlade

Mar 19, 2020
Hi all

Well first battle seems to have been won, thanks to the help received here and I can now access my files that were hidden in the depths of the device. My next task is to be able to copy files from my Pc into the Android in the location that was hidden, but they only seem to be visible using the Android programs like Root Explorer and Solid explorer. So any suggestions on the best way to get files transfered, they are large files of several gigabyte? Is it actually possible in one transfer or will I need to move from Pc to SD card and then SD card to final location?

I will add that you can download from the supplier direct to the location and with a non rooted device so maybe a WiFi transfer from the Pc but how?

thanks Roy
Take a look at my screen shot.
Files can be anywhere on cloud or pc or device.
No root needed. Screenshot_20210227-130806.png
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Thanks, Have now managed to sort this, if I have done it the way you should then I setup a LAN with both devices connected onto the same network and made the folders required on the Pc shareable. Now my Pc is in one window in solid explorer and in the other is the destination directory.

You say no root is needed but in solid explorer Superuser grants solid explorer some rights because this was my original issue, the files I needed to access were all hidden and were not visable to the normal file manager.

thanks Roy
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I have tried using a USB cable but it does not show the hidden folders located at Root/Data/Data/com.memorymap.mm2/files/DMS that can be viewed in Solid Explorer. On the device Solid Explorer is granted permission by " Superuser" but from the Pc this is not granted.
which is why i asked if you have twrp recovery or not. i believe you can access those via twrp.....i could be wrong as it has been a while since i last used twrp, but i believe it is possible.
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