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Better Battery Life on my X with Wifi ON


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Dec 31, 2010
I hear everyone saying how this drains your battery down so much.. I have found that enabling wifi on it and keeping it on during the day, 8 hours off the charger at this point I'm at 90+ percent still. Of course I'm connect to a router and not just running it.

Usually by this time I'm at 60% with just 3G. I'm much happier with my battery life now.
USING wifi over 3g uses less battery life, and it should be faster

Keeping wifi on while you're not around an access point drains the battery due to your phone continually searching for one. To save on battery, turn the wifi on/off as needed or use an app to do as much based on your location
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Moving to tips. :D

I agree, something I've repeated more than once, but you only want it on when wifi is available.

Y5-battery saver will turn it on/off for you.

+1 on Y5 battery saver. Just set it and forget it. Don't have to worry about toggling back and forth when I come home anymore. It just automatically switches you from 3G to Wifi when you walk in the door and vice versa when you leave.
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