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Help Better notifications?


Nov 10, 2009
Are there any settings to adjust notifications, such as, Missed Calls or text messages? The notification bar at the top of the Droid is easily missed. I wonder if there's an application that puts the notification on my main home screen until I respond to it.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
You can get Handcent or SMS Popup if you want the texts to popup on your main screen. I'm not sure if there are any apps that show popups for missed calls, but I bet you could find one.

Personally, I use Handcent for texts, though I don't use the popup, and the "Missed Call" to just set different color LEDs for different types of notifications (calls, SMS, e-mail). That way when I glance at the phone I can just look and see - for instance - a blue light (I missed a call), a purple light (SMS message), or a green light (E-Mail). It's not a bad solution if you can't get everything to popup on your main screen.
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