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Root Better Stock Music App


May 11, 2010
i was wondering if anyone has ever tried this new stock music player i found (here:MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service or Mirror:new stock music.rar in the .rar file i included 2 things;
1. A Program called system app backupper
2: data file for System app Backupper.
In order to install the new music app you have to either push the music.apk file in the sysAppBackup folder included, or you can fallow these steps.

WARNING: i am not responsible for any bricked or broken phones.

*requires root*
1. download .rar file included in this post.

2. unzip

3. copy contents of the "new stock music" folder found in .rar to root of sd card so that the folder titled "sysAppBackup" and the file called com.bg.sab.apk is sitting in the root of your sd.

4. install com.bg.sab.apk to phone. this will install system app backupper to phone.

5. open the app you just installed. when open it will ask you if you want to be in "backup" or "restore" mode.

6. choose "restore"

7. on the screen it will just say "music.apk" (unless you already use the app) click on that to check it.

8. press the menu button, and than press restore.

9. restart phone.

10. all done.

!If phone goes into boot logo loop, reboot into recovery and than clear cache/dalvik cache and fix permissions!

comment on your thoughts

I did not make any of these app, nor know who did. i would give credit to the developers if i knew who they were. if anyone knows these please message me so i can give credit where credit is due.
just got it installed and LOVE it! the widgets are really awesome, the gesture swipes are pretty cool, and the one of the options is to unpause on connection of headphones but its not working :( If that worked, it would be perfect! I love how it shows the albums and a back button on the widgets and all the different widget sizes is awesome. Thanks for the post about this!

Credits for the settings menu go to "Cyanogen, Dan Josiah, AOSP and all others."
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