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lg ally

  1. The5thSurvivor

    VS740.dll file or LGNPST for LG Ally

    Hello. I am following a guide mentioned here. I am stuck on step 9. However, I am missing a file, "VS740.dll". Would anyone happen to still have it or the LGNPST for LG Ally? If you do, I'd really appreciate if you could upload it for me. I have searched for it, but all online links I came...
  2. rcunningham

    Root MIUI port for the LG Ally

    Intro: Hi everybody! I have been able to port MIUI to the LG Ally! Really it was not that hard. 2 weeks is nothing when looking for compatible phones with the same processor and similar files. Viewpoint Technologies supplied me with a number of Gingerbread ROMs and kernels to play with. I kept...
  3. Y

    Help Help ~ Ally Broken

    Just recently found this in my closet, remember it had some water damage when I replaced it with an iPhone, though I'd definitely like to fix it. Problem: Screen does some sort of multiplying thing. Like the screen has been squashed and stacked 10 times. Also a lot of flickering (While it...
  4. A

    Help how to upgrade from 2.3 to 4.0

    Hi Everyone, I would like to know how to upgrade from 2.3 to 4.0 on the phone and tablet, which file I have to download and what to do after download those files, thank you very much.
  5. A

    Help Bypass welcome screen using keyboard

    I did a factory reset and the touch screen no longer works. Is there a way to bypass the welcome screen without using the screen itself?
  6. caspoy

    Root [ROM][FLASHABLE] Pure Stock - Rooted Android 2.2.2 & Aroma Recovery 3.06

    This is a simple release of Stock android 2.2.2 for the LG Ally! It is rooted, but I have not done anything else to it. ITS PURE STOCK:), plus it can be flashed throw any recovery! Its the first of its kind! Download: http://d-h.st/I8T Install MOST IMPORTANT STEP: THIS WONT WORK IF YOU...
  7. caspoy

    Root [ROM][2.3.4][SuperLite][LG Ally] SmallDroid v3.0 FINAL - Updated 8/03/14

    What is SmallDroid?: SmallDroid is a great ROM based on CM7 for the LG Ally. Its main goal is stability, but also bringing users some extra space along with awesome performance:) Working : everything except for listing below (I hope ) Not Working : Camera works fine, no autofocus/flash...
  8. benwalburn

    Root Velocity 1.2.2 Mirrored

    On the off chance anyone needs a rom for the Ally, I modified and mirrored beta 18 of Velocity. Apps removed: -Browser.apk -Calendar.apk -CalendarProvider.apk -CalendarWidget.apk -Gmail.apk -ICSLauncher.apk -Mms.apk -wired-tether.apk -wireless-tether.apk -AdobeReader.apk -More...
  9. benwalburn

    Root Need Mirrors

    If anyone is still here... does anyone have mirrors to root-related tools and roms for the Ally? I'm looking to enable fastboot on my Ally but savoxis and awesomazing are both down and nobody mirrored the zip needed, as far as I can tell. I also need a copy of the newest StormDroid.
  10. S

    [Info/Guide] ALC, Automatic Brightness and You (and Me and your Cat)

    Note to mods: I'm aware of the All Things Root subforum, but I'm posting this in the general board for better visibility and since both boards are pretty dead anyway. No hard feelings if you decide to move it to the subforum regardless. Edit 4/19: alc_stepup figured out, some minor LED...
  11. T

    Root Ally Dead?

    Has this phone officially died? I don't see anything new and all the custom rom link appear dead.
  12. M

    Lg Ally will not reboot in recovery.

    Hello everyone. I just recently rooted my LG Ally and downloaded Rom Manager to do a Nandroid back up and install CM 7.2. After Gingerbreaking it I started it in recovery mode through Rom Manager just to get familiar with the menu since this is the first time I was rooting this phone and I...
  13. S


    I just recently rooted my LG Ally, Then I accedently Factory Reset it. Now any time I try to download somthing it says "FORCE CLOSE"??? Someone please help me!!! Please email me at "dylanprater98@gmail.com"!!!
  14. M

    Help my phone is broken and i need help please

    wasn't sure which section to put this so sorry if it's in the wrong place. i have an LG Ally and last night it ran out of juice so i plugged in the charger but it did not turn on or charge (as far as i could tell) and the charge light did not come on. kept it in for a couple hours or so and it...
  15. S

    SD card maximum specifications?

    Hi guys. I've been considering picking up a used Ally, to replace the (good, but old and very locked-down) 290c that Straight Talk gave me. Currently, I'm having trouble deciding which microSD card to get for it. I know that the phone is severely lacking in onboard memory, so at least 8gb is...
  16. J

    Root Help! I need to root and put a custom rom on my Ally

    So i had an ascend ,i rooted and had cyanogen mod. i loved my ascend. appealing to the eye and heavy (heavy is a quality i like in a phone) would have kept for a long time. but ...it got broken. so now i am stuck with an lg Ally which isnt too bad...I have been wanting a keyboard and the phone...
  17. D

    Root Keeps Disconnecting from download mode

    After trying the TWRP and new GB the ROM wouldn't load. No other ROM would flash so i just figured I would flash a cab back for the moment. I learned that was a bad idea. After starting the flash the phone constantly disconnected and reconnected from and to the pc. It consistently does this...
  18. D

    Root Someone Stole My Lg Ally and done something to it

    So, someone stole my LG Ally, so i switched my account to an old phone then they activated my ally with their number. Once they decided to get a new phone, they switched to it then reported that my ally was lost or stolen. Is there anyway possible that i could get it removed from the "negative"...
  19. Syntacks

    Root Velocity 1.2.2 for LG Ally?

    I would like a working download link for the LG Ally Velocity 1.2.2 rom. There is a thread somewhere about this, but all four links are DEAD. I can't seem to find a working download link anywhere, any help would be appreciated, thanks..
  20. A

    Root Upgrade from froyo to gingerbread?

    Hello everyone, I want to upgrade my LG Ally VS740 from froyo to gingerbread, how can I do that and what link can I get from, if anyone knows about this, please help me out, I'm new with upgrade stuff, thank you very, I hope to hear back from you guys soon.
  21. J

    Root Restore ally to stock

    I had rooted my phone with Gingerbrake and got rid of "bloatware" I got carried away and deleted google play and market. I could not install anything anymore. I unrooted and did a factory reset with no joy. I am trying to reload the stock ROM FRG83G using AllyRR and it does not see my device...
  22. K

    Root LG Ally Update problems?? :(

    I cant update my ally to 2.2 or above (Im on 2.1-update1). Ive tried everythin and the updater wont find the update and i was just wondering everybody had the files to manually update to 2.2.1 with LGNPST or KP500-Utils-EN(would pefer this one) so i can flash the lastest bionix. Thanks ahead of...
  23. A

    Root missing recovery

    ive been reading for weeks and think im ready to start flashing roms and recoverys. i have the files but the phone wont go into the stock recovery so i cant flash anything... when i tell it to go to recovery it shows a android guy with a "!" then boots up normally..has anyone else had this problem?
  24. Airo18

    Root LG Ally Wont Boot

    I was running the latest BionX on my Ally and I decided to try and turn it on after a few months. When I try to charge it it just flashes red and when it eventually tries to boot it bootloops. Any help? Can't get it to charge to enter recovery btw
  25. M

    Help Problem with update

    verizon bricked my ALLY with some update. was due a 50$ credit to new phone since feb 2012. now they erased the credit. rip off artists