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VS740.dll file or LGNPST for LG Ally

Feb 16, 2016
Hello. I am following a guide mentioned here. I am stuck on step 9.

However, I am missing a file, "VS740.dll". Would anyone happen to still have it or the LGNPST for LG Ally? If you do, I'd really appreciate if you could upload it for me. I have searched for it, but all online links I came across are dead.

Hi. Another member sent me a PM, not sure if they want their name mentioned, but they were able to send me the files I needed. In case anyone else needs them, here they are along with some I already had:

LG Ally stock recovery
ROMS (Stock and Velocity)
OTA updates (I believe one update is missing)

As I mentioned in the post above about following that guide, I was stuck on step 9. Now that the fellow forum member sent me the files I was missing, I'm now stuck on step 30. I used cdma workshop prior to following the guide to get the esn and everything else mentioned. But now the esn needs to be repaired. How can I go about doing that? I found a program that supposedly does it (LG ME changer) but I couldn't get it to work.
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