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I understand that you are mad. But sprint has said they will not block 3rd party apps, so if you want to hotspot go to the app store and find a good 3rd party app.

The 10 dollar month is to make up of the above. Since they are giving the uncompressed, unfiltered real flash driven internet, it is going to cost them alot to run that. So they are passing it on to you. But to do video chat from phone to phone, 4g speeds, flash, and full internet, I find it worth it.

There is nothing in this world for free, sweety. Nothing. You have to pay to play. If you do not want to pay, the hero just got android 2.1 and I hear it is great. Or the htc incredible if you have the stomach to deal with verizon. Because by the time you get done paying verizon for everything that sprint offers, you might as well get the evo with hotspot and 10 dollar fee.

Oh, take a look at the evp program. It is linked on the forums. See if you get got a discount, almost everyone does.
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